Established on September 22, 1998, Vinh Phat is one of the leading companies in Plastic, Mold and Garment Accessories industry in Vietnam, and is the exclusive distributor for Toska brand- Bano’k. Products of garment industry in particular are imported completely from Japan, ensuring the best quality for consumers. Besides imports, Vinh Phat’s products are also manufactured at the company’s factory according to Japanese advanced technology, with a closed process from “Design” – “Mold making” – “Product production” – “Distribution for (wholesale and retail) consumers “, ensuring optimal quality and competitive prices in the market.
Garment products of Vinh Phat company include:

  • Label fastener: Material with thread or plastic with different locking heads can be used for many items.

  • Attaching tools: Products imported from Japan or manufactured in Vietnam, ensuring quality and warranty repair.

  • Tag pin used with attaching tools: Diverse models, flexible sizes from 5mm – 65mm.

  • Plastic hangers/ Plastic hook: Small type for hanging socks / socks or small products, large type used to hang children’s clothes, adults with many designs, different sizes.

  • VP handle / Plastic handle: For paper bags

Besides the products available, Vinh Phat Company can also produce products as requested by customers.